Monday, January 14, 2013

Apple Dip

So this isn't the absolutely healthiest recipe, but if you want/need a sweet snack, it's better than many others! I changed the recipe from the original one I found on Pinterest to make it healthier:

1 block cream cheese, room temp
Jar caramel ice cream topping
Dark chocolate chips or chunks
3-4 Granny Smith Apples

Spread cream cheese in layer at bottom of your serving tray. Top with caramel and sprinkle with chocolate. Cut apples (green really are the best for this because they're so sour) and arrange them around the dip.

The original recipe ads 2 tbsp of powdered sugar to cream cheese before spreading, and it includes crushed Heath bar as an additional topping.

Other ideas I had for toppings: chopped walnuts or peanuts, flaked coconut, butterscotch or white chocolate chips, yum!