How it All Started

I've read hundreds, maybe thousands of blogs, and I follow several religiously. I crave the latest classroom ideas, DIY projects, holiday crafts, recipes-you name it. And I've often envied those who find the time to update their blogs often enough to feed my cravings. Now it's my turn to share. Those that know me personally have watched me lose 25 lbs over the past 5 months. And everyone wants to know how I did it. So this blog is my attempt to share what I know about food and maintaining a healthy weight. Let me preface with this: Everything I am going to share is from my personal experience-I am in no way an expert in nutrition, weight loss, fitness, etc. I named my blog "Healthy Pinspirations" because I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest. When I decided it was time to drop some lbs, Pinterest was there for me. Here we go.

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