Dining Out and Daily Eating

Dining Out: Here's a list of what I eat when I go to popular restaurants.

Weeknights/Fast and Easy:
Zoe's: Protein Power Plate, side of white beans
Jason's Deli: Salad bar with a cup of Southwest Chicken Chili
Chipotle: Bowl, no rice. Add chicken, veggies, corn salsa, lettuce, guacamole
Ginger Thai: Chicken with broccoli and garlic
California Pizza Kitchen: New grilled stuffed poblano pepper or Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, hold the tortilla strips
Restaurant Genre Ordering:
Mexican: Chicken fajitas, no tortillas
Italian: Sausage and peppers (meatballs, no pasta would be second-best, but there are breadcrumbs in meatballs)
Asian: Steamed chicken with veggies
BBQ: Smoked turkey, sausage, veggies
Burger: Anything with extra toppings like mushrooms, jalapenos, etc.- hold the bun

Daily Eating: I wanted to also share what I eat as part of my daily routine. Again, I'm not saying everyone who eats what I have eaten will lose weight, but I can say that it has worked for me. All I know is that eating often keeps me full and energized, but if I ever have to miss a meal or snack, I turn into a crazy lady. Keep snacks in your purse!

Weekday: protein shake, either homemade* or purchased (if purchased, try Atkins or Muscle Milk Light)
Weekend: omlet, usually cheese and some veggies
Everyday: coffee with milk and vanilla
Weekday: If you teach at my school, here's what I eat from the cafeteria:
Everyday offerings: vegetable of the day, hummus, carrots, hard-boiled egg, grapes/cheese munchable, berries, side salad
Sometimes offerings: chicken salad, taco salad, brisket

If you don't teach at my school, here's what else I bring: turkey/cheese roll-ups, Laughing Cow cheese wedges with red bell peppers, sharp cheddar cheese with a Honeycrisp apple (YUM)

Raw almonds or any other raw nuts (I usually measure out 1/4 cup servings into snack baggies on Sunday, so I have a snack everyday at school), trailmix (Tom Thumb has awesome new combinations like "Ginger Zinger" with chunks of candied ginger), apples, sugar snap peas
*Recipe can be found on a post entitled "Green Monster"

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